Why Do Plumbers Charge So Much?

The cost of plumbing services can be quite high, but there are many reasons why this is necessary. Plumbing is a complex job that requires specialized skills and equipment, and plumbers must also cover a variety of overhead expenses. Skilled plumbers are the professionals to go to for complex jobs including waste systems, sump pumps, septic tanks, plans and more. Many plumbers also have high-tech equipment that requires special training to use and costs thousands of dollars to purchase and operate.

To become a plumber, individuals must first complete an apprenticeship program or receive on-the-job training from licensed and experienced plumbers. After graduating, they must become trainees and receive on-the-job training from licensed and experienced plumbers. Master plumbers require five years of experience to begin this training. Local plumbers who specialize in emergency services are basically on-demand workers and are available to make home visits whenever you need them.

Plumbers must purchase and maintain liability insurance, pay subcontractors, keep up to date with license fees, and pay many other overhead expenses. Plumbers renew professional licenses regularly, purchase expensive, specialized tools, stock up on the parts that are most needed, and keep their work truck full of gas and in good working order. Between buying, refueling and maintaining these trucks, plumbers invest thousands of dollars in transportation costs alone. Many plumbers have hourly rates that add up quickly, and fixed-rate companies can charge hundreds to install an accessory you can find at the hardware store for a fraction of that cost. As current plumbers retire and replacements are scarce, demand continues to increase, making it difficult to find a qualified professional plumber.

Qualified plumbers are in high demand, so plumbing companies must offer competitive salaries to employ 26% of highly qualified, licensed personnel. Every day, a plumber has no way of knowing exactly what hazards he'll face while on the job, but he must step in and do the work anyway.

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